About Us Old

 Do you suffer from bloating, digestive issues, insomnia, joint pain or other issues? If so, eating gluten/dairy free without processed ingredients may help you feel lighter and healthier as they have for me.

Are you tired of settling for eating gluten free products that don't taste great and are full of unhealthy ingredients? I was and so I created bread, cookies, and other baked goods that taste so good and the ingredients are healthy so you fell good too! No big blood sugar spikes either with the lower glycemic sweeteners I use.

Years ago I started eating gluten and dairy free because of some health challenges. It changed my life! I had to learn how to cook and bake with different ingredients. It took time but then a whole new world opened up and I was able to make food that tasted great. As a Health Coach, I wanted people to have access to a better tasting product that had better ingredients.

I started with an idea to bring my delicious tasting gluten free recipes to the Farmer’s Market and then to stores and restaurants. Using only the best ingredients we bring you delicious tasting gluten and dairy free baked goods that give you energy and make you feel good too. Each recipe is handmade with love in beautiful Sedona, AZ.

When you eat one of my products, you will know how good gluten free can taste, Finally, we bring you a decadently amazing gluten free baked good!

I hope you absolutely love it!

- Karen